Sunday Nov 20th

It’s supposed to warm all the way up to 45°, according to the forecast.

It’s Uncle Leo!

His looks did not improve over time…poor bastid…

I thawed some ribeyes from the roast I carved up, and used my new tenderizer…will have chicken fried steak this evening. I’m tryin’ to keep the leftovers to a minimum this week to keep the fridge open for Thanksgiving preps and leftovers.

I think it’s been a week now and no smoking for me. I seem to be sleeping better.

I have noticed that things taste different too…not necessarily better or worse, just different.

I made some hash browns for breakfast, the last of the baked taters. One of my readers gave me a tip a couple years ago to bake the taters first, allow to cool, then grate, mold, and fry the hash browns…I now make hash brown and egg tacos for the kid…if she behaves herself.

Another slow day, and I ain’t complainin’….much.

A rather large Axis deer was getting his/her fill from the birdbath…my guess is that both the water troughs are empty…and it looks like it’ll be me that has to fill them…my only joy is knowing that the kittycats drink from the water troughs too…when there’s water in them.

I guess I’m still a grouch…quitting smoking did not change that…oh well, it’s early yet.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Nov 20th

  1. Josey Wales is one of my favorites. I pealed it off my last TV box and saved it as a MP4. is my favorite part of the movie.

    I will take a left over baked potato and put it in the fridge overnight. I run it through the shredder and throw in a little onion. I have some stainless rings that I use to make perfect round eggs or sausage. It works well with hash brown paddies as well.

    TSA showed their ignorance today. Per the stupid bitch behind the badge my retired military ID isn’t a good enough form of ID to get through her security. The smart chip has a copy of my fingerprints and other bio-metrics stored in it. It is one of the most secure forms of ID in the world but not good enough for this $18 an hour idiot.

  2. Keep up the good work. And I’m gonna try that baked potato trick. I usually grate and soak, rinse soak rinse the raw spuds. Mom used to make potato cakes out of cold mashed potatoes…. hmmmm….

    • With the potato already cooked, I just grate it, press the entire tater into a square, and get the fry pan very hot before cooking in butter…both sides.
      I tried the raw tater route many times, only to be disappointed with results.

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