Wednesday Nov 23

Many thanks to all who actually answered the question that always pops up this time of year.

A request was made for this…here ya go!

A buddy of mine worked at Pizza Hut in the mid 70s.  Does anyone remember the “Taco Pizza?” it was a short lived pizza with taco seasoned ground beef, a variety of cheeses, topped with lettuce or cabbage…I liked it, but it didn’t last long.

After slipping into bed at near 5 am, I got up just after 9.

First project was the Cranberry Salad

easy enough to get into fridge and chill.

Next up; apple pie.

Then corn bread today, for stuffing tomorrow.

and I think I’m done with preps..

Will put turkey in brine this evening. Brine is chilling now, and will add an onion and thmathed garlic later this evening. This year’s brine has 1 C salt, and 1 C sugar with a small handful of peppercorns, and a bay leaf.

I got nuthin’ else for today…



18 thoughts on “Wednesday Nov 23

  1. What’d you say your street address is? With luck we can drive straight through and get there about the time you, the Kid, the Mrs. and the kittycats all sit down for a wonderful meal. Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy. Thanks for sharing with your followers all the goings-on at the Ranch!!!

  2. We’re feasting with in-laws, and whoever the youngsters drag in to introduce.

    From what I’m seeing, you and I will have plenty of rain to watch on Thanksgiving. Have a happy one anyway.

    • Heh..yeah, it’s been raining since 6 here, and some showers rather hard…
      Just the three of us here…Although I would not be surprised if SIL showed up trying to weasel in unannounced.
      Have a good one, Jess.

  3. Hey! There it is!Thank you!
    Yep, that’s one of the two I imagined.

    The pie looks delicious.
    Cornbread stuffing here, only way to go!
    Happy TG to you EX & all.

  4. Never had Taco Pizza from Pizza Hut, but I loved their deep dish pizza from the 70’s. Getting rid of that, and changing their sauce to something far cheaper, made me not want to go to the PH.

    Now, Godfather’s had a great Taco Pizza. I’d go to their buffet and eat 2-3 whole pies. Damned good pie. Miss them.

  5. My first experience with a Pizza Hut was in 79. Up until then it was Shakey’s and mom and pop NY style pizza places. The Pizza Hut was built in the spring of 79 in the next town over. That small town had 2 mom & Pop places and the Pizza Hut was soon followed by Pizza Inn. I thought both of them sucked for pizza but the Hut had a couple of noodle dishes I liked.

  6. That’s one good looking pie. Can I stop by for desert? I might get there by Sunday if I leave now, so save me a slice, please! ;-))

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