Tuesday Nov 22

Where were you the day Kennedy was shot?


59 years ago…damn..

John F Kennedy eternal flame after 2013 upgrade - 2013-05-30.jpg

I think I’ve probably touched on this every year for several now, so I won’t repeat where I was on that day.

More rain here today, and it’s warming into the fifties. More rain in the forecast tonight and tomorrow.

In the spur of the moment, I made chowder last night; a double batch..now I won’t have to cook tonight…tomorrow it’s a free for all, as I’ll be prepping for Thursday.

The kid popped in and asked if we were gonna put up Christmas lights…as usual, I said “what’s this WE shit?” I have noticed that in the past, the kid was first in line to unpack and decorate the Christmas tree, but after Christmas, the tree and every light or decoration in the house will gather dust until the apocalypse..

I find I am missing my Sam’s club membership…getting low on coffee, but I find it hard to justify dropping $100 just for the privilege of getting free shipping. So, Sam’s membership is on hold permanently, unless the money tree blooms, or the kid starts paying rent…one is about as likely to happen as the other…

The wife is still smoking, and she has volunteered to go outside and do the deed; if it’s not too cold.

I am sticking to the plan, and am not craving smokes either. My Zippo lighter, extra flints, wick, fluid, and the 40 cheap butane lighters have all gone up into the storage box with the matches, as well as my vintage Pizza Hut ash tray.

I no longer have to begin counting how many smokes I have left, when the pack gets low, and plan the day accordingly; hoping that maybe the wife will go get me some more smokes…no more…

I recall going to a training school in ’05 in Connecticut, and paying $5 for a pack of smokes. $5 doesn’t sound so bad now, and it’s mostly taxes. My brand was getting around $8 each, and the wife’s are $9. Yeah, we were spending around $400 a month on smokes.

I remember when a buddy of mine came in complaining because the local 7-11 had raised their cigarette prices to 99 cents a pack, as he threw a dollar bill at them and left.

I remember when my old man used to pay .35 per pack…

I used to drive across to Mexico, and get a carton of Marlboro reds for $5…yes, that was 1974.

Moving along, it’s another slow day here.

I have a coupon to burn at the local hardware store by Saturday..gotta spend $50 to get $10 off…thus are my True Value rewards…hey, it’s something…




16 thoughts on “Tuesday Nov 22

  1. I was just over two years old when it happened. On my Top Secret/Yankee White security clearance back when I was trying to get a Camp David Communication position ln the late eighties my polygraph reveled I had shot Kennedy. Needless to neither happened.

  2. It was rainy, dreary, and gray all weekend-it seemed at times like we’d never see sunlight for weeks on end, and that was in the mid-west, not Alaska. I was hanging out with a buddy who we had gone to school with since kindergarten. Since we were in different high schools in the same district we would usually hook up at least twice a month for dates with the young ladies and then a sleep over at one or the other’s house. Of course the news of JFK’s assassination was totally off the charts and all kinds of reactions and emotions were in plain sight. Aside from the crappy weather, the other vivid memory was all the weird “funeral music” that was on every radio station for most or all of the weekend. Didn’t matter whether you loved the guy or hated him, everyone was touched in some way or another. Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby: yeah man! Only in ‘merica-CIA must’ve been mighty proud of themselves.

    • If you are a history fan, the Stephen King book 11/22/63 goes in great detail about the CIA and FBI involvement in keeping track of Oswald after he returned from Russia…great detail to the point of boring, I might add.

  3. When our school came over the loudspeaker and announced Kennedy had got shot and died, I was sitting in 6th grade Texas history class. As for smoking, I remember that the ship I was on came into a large batch of older Camel??? unfiltered cigarettes. They sold them at the ships exchange for five cents a pack. They burned up quick as dry as they were. Got out in 1976 and that is when the price went up to fifty cents a pack, so I quit and started putting fifty cents a day into a jar. Didn’t last long and started up again. I quit for good on Dec. 1, 1991.

  4. Putting into storage the vintage Pizza Hut ash tray!! Nooooooooooo! 🙂
    Request for a pic of it, whenever/if you want to do that .
    Am guessing the glass round round one or the round one with the rectangular flange frame?

  5. Last period study hall, senior in high school. School was dismissed immediately after the announcement over the PA system. The bus kids had to wait for the buses to show up.

  6. At 21 I was on the firing range at the NJ State Law Enforcement Academy boot camp in Sea Girt when State Police Sgt Potash appeared and made the announcement. Now I can’t remember what I had for breakfast, but this is clear.

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