Saturday Dec 10

Two weeks from today is Christmas Eve…

Creepy Joe logic

One again, I had to delete the pic of that uppity Negro.

When I go, I’m gonna take 535 536 with me…

The Demorats are certifiably insane.

No body would miss it if it had an “accident” on the way home, and died; today or tomorrow would be fine…and if that could be taken care of quietly, I have a list.

Cloudy all day today, with temps barely into the 70s. Will cool slightly over the next few days, if the forecast proves true.

We still aren’t smoking…nearly 4 weeks for me, and 2-3 days for the wife.

The kid is still sick, and seems to have conformed comfortably to calling the wife and putting in a meal order. Apparently, we offer curbside pickup as well.

The wife’s doc has ordered her to discontinue the use of one of her meds. The wife now has widespread joint pain pretty much all the time…so back to daily doses of ibuprofen to aid with that.


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