Tuesday March 21

After much worrying about whether or not I could get up early enough to satisfy my need for “get there early, and GTFO”, I managed to get out of the house by 9:40, and returned just after noon.

Looks like the price of eggs has gone down. The growers made their millions, and now have reduced the prices…’twas $4.34 for 1 1/2 dozen xtra large today.

Plenty assortment of meats available…butter was $4.78 per pound..

All in all, a successful trip, although the liquor store was out of my large jug of Carolans Irish Cream. That tragedy will require another trip to make amends. A few years ago, I bought a case of the 1 liter bottles. I was shocked how fast I went through them.

I see Texans are waking up to that asshole Sen John Cornyn. The fence post sittin’, middle of the road, former conservative, now giving head to Democrats, got booed at a rally a few days ago. He’s another Mitch McConnell, no bout adout it…


I can only hope the word gets out, and someone runs against that RINO sombitch come election time.

I certainly did enjoy eating both halves of my Subway foot long, the other half being eaten today. Low carb diets really suck.

Foggy this morning, meaning a harsh warm up is upon us. Highs for the next several days are in the 80s. It’s looking like winter is leaving. dang…10 more days of March..

I got my seed starter trays in, and will start some seeds indoors this year; at least for the tomatoes and peppers. I still have a lot work to do out in the garden, pulling up last year’s failed crops, and trying to clean up the rest. Need to order more 1015 onion sets too.

Getting up early for me means nap time at 4. If’n I sleep until noon, I usually forego the afternoon nap…seems fair.



6 thoughts on “Tuesday March 21

  1. The butter was $3 a pound at Lidl this past weekend. I have 4 pounds in the basement fridge. We may go though a pound of butter in 4 or 5 weeks. I have to be very hungry to eat a Subway, Jimmy John’s, and Jersey Mike’s. I prefer Firehouse, Publix subs, and some of of the regional deli’s. I finally got my 1099 from my financial advisor. They can’t seem to be able to give my 6 month old laptop access so I had to request a hard copy three times. My new accountant now has my documents. My old accountant retired and his daughter now has the practice. Old accountant was a Jewish accounting lawyer and he had a Venezuelan wife. It was a good combination as the new accountant is gorgeous.

    BTW: I had Nashville Hot fried chicken for lunch. It was cooked by a Vietnamese cook.

  2. We noticed the same food price trends at local stores too. Eggs – milke – butter. Wal-Mart had four quarters of GV butter for $2 – when was the last time you saw that ? I thought surely must be nearly expired but nope – still good for another month.

    Yeah, those sandwich shops don’t get much business from me unless a coupon is involved. Yep – confirmed cheap bastard I am, lol. My last sandwich was a Jersey Mike Super Sub, with banana pepper, jalepeno, onion and ‘juice’ dressing. I’m on blood thinners due to artificial heart valve so greens (i.e. Vitamin K) numbers have to be watched closely.

    I should be watching my carbs more closely too. Not HUGE huge, but I could drop 40 pounds and be in a much better place. Too damn weak – bread calls to my soul !! 8^)

    I’m glad Cornyn is finally coming out of the closet. So many RINOs our there that don’t have the balls to fully commit to ‘THIS is what I really believe’. Maybe they feel the vote steal is baked in the cake and realize THEIR political survival is at stake. Go for the voter who wants Dem issues but recognize their candidate is too far Woke.

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