Grocery Trip Today

Man, I thought I’d never pay $4 for a pound of butter, but I did today…damn. Can’t grow that stuff. We go through about a pound of butter a week around here, and that’s if I’m not doing any baking.

No stop today at the meat market, as I am nearly out of money and I just got paid…so it begins. Still have two more payments to make this month as well.

My Sam’s order will be trickling in for the next couple days. FedEx must have a new driver as the lazy rat bastard leaves the boxes at the front gate, even though it is open.

Pretty much across the board the prices are all up. My cart has been on average, $50 higher the past couple trips…damn that Putin…

That cake mix you see; Duncan Hines and whatever is a great bargain if you throw them in the freezer for a couple days to kill off the mealy bug eggs. They will last forever. Today I bought a couple for $1 each…sometimes on sale for 88 cents. I have baked cakes with those expired for years with no ill effects.

I left the drip irrigation on all night last night on three of the gardens. The beans are doing very well, and 6 or 7 pickles are coming up now too.

Looks like I may have to resort to selling Black Diamond watermelons in August for some pocket change. Those things can easily run 40 pounds, and are delicious.

I was going to attempt some watermelon pickles from one of those. There is one plant now, and my seeds are due any day for the next batch to plant.

Somehow, working the garden does not seem like so much of a burden today.


12 thoughts on “Grocery Trip Today

  1. “Duncan Hines and whatever is a great bargain if you throw them in the freezer for a couple days to kill off the mealy bug eggs.”

    uh, there’s mealy bugs in ready mix cake mix ???

    • OH-HO-HO-YEAH, there can be bugs in cake mix! Any kind of foodstuff that has grain products in it can have bugs. If they don’t hen you bring the stuff home, there’s plenty of opportunity for the bugs in your pantry to infest it! Vacuum-seal the boxes when you bring them home and put them in the freezer for a few days. The freezing will kill any mature bugs as well as their eggs. The vacuum-seal bags will keep any new bugs out. At that point you can pull ’em out and shelf ’em. They’ll still be good at the Second Coming!

  2. A few months back, my wife’s car cost $69.00 to fill from just under a quarter-tank. She just filled it a couple of days ago. It cost her just a few cents shy of a century note! That’s a $30.00 increase to drive the same number of miles!!! Can you imagine what the truckers are dealing with??? Then she proceeded to get fiscally raped at the supermarket. Roma tomatoes were $1.00… EACH! Avocados were about the same… They GROW avocados out here! EVERYTHING was like that! It’s the perishable produce that’s killing us these days. Meat can be frozen. Canned and dry goods, well, they last forever. Fresh produce is “use it or lose it.” The prices are high, and the quality of the produce is truly 3rd World. Half the avocados my wife bought looked fine outside but were rotten inside. That DOUBLED their already high price. Yeah, I can dehydrate, can, or even freeze-dry (yeah, I actually have one of those things) veggies, but it’s just not the same as fresh. No, planting a garden is not a burden anymore. It’s an INVESTMENT! I’m actually trying to figure out how I can do a root cellar here in the Wild West. ‘So damned hot here in the summer though…

    • I’ll not poke fun at the wife’s itty bitty 13 gallon tank in her car.
      I bought Roma tomatoes yesterday @.88 per lb.
      Root cellar? great idea. As I understand it. just a nice big deep underground storm cellar; more or less. Once one gets underground so deep, the temp is cooler; year round.

  3. I put everything on my credit card. I have been doing that for years. I have the categories set up so I can track how much I spend over the years. Right now our food bill is 26.2% higher for the last 3 months than it was a year ago. It has been a sliding scale that just keeps going higher month by month. What is not figured in is that I am now getting groceries from 4 different stores. The veggies are fresher and cheaper at the Asian market. Milk, cheese, eggs, and bread products are cheaper at Aldi. Hamburger, chicken, and pork products are cheaper at Costco. I flip-flop between a Kroger and the second closest Publix for everything else. The closest Publix used to be my “goto” grocery store but a huge retirement community was put in next to it. The store remodeled and changed the target market from urban school age family to assisted living seniors.

    I am not sure how much I am saving going between the various markets but my guess is about 6 to 10 percent. The Fed is telling us that inflation is 18%. My calculations tell me it is about 30%. The founding fathers went to war over a 4% tax.

    • I wish I had that many choices.
      Sam’s Club is about a100 mile round trip, and figuring gasoline cost, I’ll just keep shopping local. There are two grocery stores in Kerrville, but I shop at the smaller one; less congestion.
      To WAR!

      • Those are my options right now in NE Atlanta but I have to deal with the traffic. I have a builder that is supposed to break ground on a house for me in south GA in 2 weeks. I will be just under an hour to a large military Commissary but the local town has a very good farmer’s market and 3 chain grocery stores. I will be moving at the end of the summer. I may be able to get a fall garden in but after Thanksgiving till Christmas will be onion planting and again in late February and early March for lat spring and late summer harvests.

  4. On the gasoline prices. I took a trip to camp a week or so ago. First time there since last fall. At the time of the fall trip, Just after the election, gas was already increasing in price. At the time it jumped from$1.89 to $2.35. I commented on that to other people there and they all told me I was crazy, that the price hadn’t increased by that much. I can’t wait to ask them in a couple weeks how they like paying $4.35 now. Oh, did I mention that all of these people are Demonrats? I’m the lone conservative in that bunch.

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