20 thoughts on “So What The Hell Is He Doing?

  1. Racking in or racking out a circuit breaker.Bad move no protection from arc flash at all. No gloves, arc flash suit, insulators. Not a good way to go at all.


  2. Father-in-law was a lineman for a long time and then switched to the relay department to finish out his career. He had some really interesting stories to tell about the different type of faults he would run into. During his days as a lineman the company crews would usually get power restored in 24-48 hours after a storm-longer in a local area if it suffered a direct hit by a tornado. Nowadays the recovery time can go out to a couple of weeks. Bean counters do what bean counters gonna do and to hell with the customers.

  3. I have video from about 6 years ago when in the alley behind us, a Com Ed employee was working on a box like that IN THE POURING RAIN and he went “poof” like that as well.

  4. I was in Bagram Afghanistan doing an upgrade to one of the satellite dishes when that happened at the power production plant. The power plant was next to the satellite farm. The power plant had a huge muffler and you had to be on the sidewalk outside the fence to hear it. When the guy went krispy critter the power dropped to half of the base. All of our backup generators kicked on for the satellite systems. There was suddenly 5 Cummins engines in a confined area and all running at 2100 rpm. We ran our generators a day and a half until they got the power plant back on-line.

      • I had a class on solar/generator power at Kohler back in 2007 for powering remote satellite systems. I am designing a solar panel system to power the new house. There has been some tech advances since then. Back then the AGM battery was the storage of choice because Lithium was too costly but expect to swap out AGM batteries at least twice during the life of the system which was 25 years. Lithium batteries have come down on price and they have a life of 10 to 14 years. Inverters have also gotten better where the cost has not gone up much. There has been big advances in solar panel technology. One was the development of N-type heterojunction cells that pack more silica in. Back in 2007 a panel maxed out at 250W and the N-type is 400-450W. This has happened while the conversion efficiency has increased from 15% to well over 20% which has the panel life at 27-30 years. Instead of 30 panels now I only need 18 and they last longer. In 2007 a 7KW system had a break even point at 17 to 18 years with only 7 or 8 years of “free” power. With better batteries, inverters, and panels the break even point is now down to 11 years giving back 19 years of free power.

  5. Been there done that. Was very lucky. One guy spent 6 weeks at a hospital. other guy had mustache shortened and we got home found his shoelaces were melted. This was on a circuit that had been deactivated for two hour, and had been check for power by three competent electricians, one being myself. Forensic audit could not find a reason.

  6. His mistake was not keeping his left hand in his back pocket. As it was he shorted that ciruit to ground through both arms and his chest…

  7. I think some of those larger breakers have a pneumatic helper system for engaging or disengaging. Long dormant memories percolating here. It seems to me he was getting pressure to help turn on or off a large, high voltage breaker or switch, then it arced over when he engaged it. Poor guy. Just like a bug in my zapper.

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