Wednesday, The 5th

Heh heh

That was fun, wasn’t it?

It’s kinda sad though too, ain’t it? How my life is 6 times of excitement with enough time to write about the family crazies…and I am dragging you down with me…

Of course, it was pointed out to me in no uncertain terms that the outlaw invasion has been merely postponed.

Yes, and thank you for pointing that out…a reprieve is a reprieve, and by golly, I’ll take it.

We should start a pool…I would venture they will try to finagle a way to be here on Thanksgiving.

Speaking of pools…

It is still unclear to me as to what exactly BIL and SIL are supposed to clean up…I do know this; they had a swimming pool, that no one ever used, and I’m not sure if they ever got completely rid of it. Then, they put in another pool, that no one ever used, as it was never completed…that must be it.

The wife and I had a pool in our home in the RGV, and SIL was so insanely jealous, that she made BIL install the first one, which was little more than an elongated wading pool. Now, Baby SIL has a pool as well on SPI (South Padre Island), and I am fairly certain the fact continues to gnaw at SIL…It’s sad she measures her life success by the success of her sisters…

For some unknown reason, they are not allowed to put in a below ground pool..don’t wanna know either..

It ain’t over yet; of that I am sure.

I have been watching potato canning videos today. Somewhere I heard/read that there could be an upcoming potato shortage..perish the thought of Thanksgiving dinner without smashed taters…it’s blasphemy!

Still feeling poorly too…I think I’ll go back to bed a while..

8 thoughts on “Wednesday, The 5th

  1. Just an FYI; there’s also a predicted BUTTER shortage in the works, “just in time for the holidays!” I read that the butter producers can’t line up enough cream to churn. I guess you can’t milk cows that aren’t allowed to fart…

    Butter freezes well and keeps forever in the freezer… Panic now. Beat the rush…

  2. On the in-ground pool restriction it is probably because the water table is too high. I grew up with a pool. After school or mid-day every day was the chemical test, pool vacuum, and then swim laps. Between that and the hay farm I was ripped in my late teens. I swore I would never have a pool again. I was wrong as the first house I bought came with an in-ground pool.

    I had a “Me” day as the wife went to volunteer at an elementary school to teach a lesson on the Indians that were in GA. She did her Specialist dissertation on Georgia’s Indigenous tribes. She is probably one of the most knowledgeable persons on GA Indians. She went on this tangent because I am 1/16th Ute and she found that fascinating. FYI: I am offended that The Washington Redskins changed their name to the Washington Commanders. I think it would be cool if pro sports teams would be named after the indigenous Indians of the area.

    I pressed out 400ish rounds of 124gr Round Nose FMJ 9mm and refilled my primer tubes for the next pressing. I cleaned up the workshop where I found a box of brand new standard taps that I have no memory of. I cut a filler panel that needs further cutting but it will eventually hide rafters and bricks that are showing in one section in the basement. In between all of this I made a pound of Swedish meatballs to be completed at a future date and stuffed cabbage rolls for dinner.

    I had a call from a friend in Germany about 11AM. He needed some programming info on a Vietnam Era Marine telephone switch. The Marines and USAF used this tactical telephone switch in the 70’s-80’s and I was an expert on it back in the 80’s. I found an old computer back-up that had the manuals and various programing scenarios fairly quickly and walked him through connecting to the local exchange and setting up a 20 phone network. I surprised myself as the knowledge on how to do this came back quickly. I told him that he owed me a meal at Ruth’s Chris next time he was in GA. He mentioned he was eating leftover cabbage rolls as he was eating his lunch doing this. That is why I made cabbage rolls for dinner. I loved the German food when I was there.

      • I have been to Ruth’s Chris 3 times over the past 30 years. Every time on somebody else’s dime as it is too expensive for me. The last time I had a bacon wrapped scallop as an appetizer that was $28. For 5 of us the bill was right at $1000. We did have an $90 bottle of wine that I could get for just under $20 at the local package store.

      • When I worked for Minolta, my territory was downtown Denver; loaded with restaurants. One was Ruth Chris steakhouse, where the sales dept had a machine on demo. I went for the install, and glanced at the menu….
        Did I say glanced? Way out of my price range for any celebration.

      • The first time I went I was an IT Account Manager. The senior Account Manager and I were entertaining our client. The second time I was an IT Project Manager and we had just completed a computer and software upgrade while training 300 salespeople on their new systems. The last time was a buddy celebrating an upcoming divorce where he stuck his soon to be ex-wife with the bill.

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